How To Know If Your Windows Need Replaced

How To Know If Your Windows Need Replaced

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How can I fix a window that won’t open/close?

How is water getting inside or through my windows?

Why are my windowsills always so dirty even though I clean them?

Why is my heating and cooling bill so high?

My windows are closed… Why can I hear everything going on outside?

If you’ve ever had these questions, the culprit may be your windows (especially if your home is over 15 years old). There are five signs that your windows need replaced. If they apply to your Colorado home, you should know that replacements provide market value and tax benefits.

Windows Won’t Open or Close Correctly

If you cannot open or close a window correctly, at least part of the assembly may need to be replaced. The good news: Often, windows have difficulty opening or closing due to dirty tracks, rollers, or hinge mechanisms. Colorado homes are often hit by crazy windstorms that blow dry dirt into window areas. If this common window issue affects your windows, try giving the tracks a good cleaning to remove any dirt and debris. For deeper troubleshooting, you may be able to remove the interior window section for roller bearing inspection.

Condensation Inside Window Glass

If you’ve ever noticed water stuck between the glass inside and outside piece of a double-paned window, this is due to the degradation of the window’s internal seals. Now that we have cool autumn mornings, this sign may be making its appearance.

One way or another, excessive air moisture is making its way inside the window assembly and cooling into liquid between the panes. Double pane windows have a gap of air between the two pieces of glass to act as a temperature buffer, and excessive condensation may indicate that the window’s seal integrity has weakened to failure. Without an adequate and sealed buffer, the window’s ability to shield the room temperature from outside temperatures is compromised.

Water Damaged Interior Window Framing

If you’re someone that cleans their windows and windowsills, you may notice water damage around your window. This is the most pronounced way to determine that a window needs replaced and a #1 reason why homeowners and friends will contact us for insight and an estimate. If your window can’t keep water out of your home, what good is it?

Water leaks are generally paired with outside air sneaking in, too. So, not only does your window leak and allow water to penetrate trim and the underlying framing (that supports your house’s structure), but the outside temps can also get in and require you’re heating and cooling systems to consume more energy. Water damage and rising energy cost are a pane!

High Utility Bills

High utility bills can indicate issues with windows, especially if your home has a noticeable draft. Hot and cold weather often makes its way inside your home through air movement. If your windows are older, their overall insulative properties are likely compromised, and outside temps can easily slip between cracks and through glass panes.

When outside temperatures are allowed into your home’s climate, your air conditioning and heating systems must use more energy to maintain the temperature you have set, thus inflating your energy bill costs. Of course, if your windows and doors are being left open often, changing occupant habits will generally provide a significant reduction in energy bill costs.

Audible Noise Outside

While windows aren’t soundproof, they do offer a layer of sound insulation between the inside and outside of your house. As windows lose their effective temperature insulation, they typically also lose their sound insulation properties. If you’ve owned your home for a while and find that outside noise (i.e. dog barks, cars, footsteps) is more audible than it used to be, the culprit may be your windows. Alternatively, you may have developed super hearing ability! Homeowners generally don’t jump to replace windows for sound insulation needs. That’s fine! But if you find that a noisy window is also leaky and your energy usage is high, that’s three strikes.

Window Replacements Boost Home Value

Replacing windows is a home improvement project that extends your house’s life and provides a greater degree of function. It’s an investment that adds to the appraisal value of your property, just like a kitchen or bath remodel would. Sometimes it’s difficult to justify home expenses, and that’s okay. Just know that this is an expense that can be recouped in home equity — especially given Colorado’s real estate prices!

Windows Replacements are Tax Credit Eligible

Did you know that the IRS determines exterior windows to be a qualified energy-efficient improvement that can be used for a residential property credit up to $500. Not only do windows replacements boost your home value, but they also give you a tax break. Win-Win! PS there are other home improvements that also qualify.

Financing Your Window Replacement Needs

Home Equity Loan

A Home Equity Loan or a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) can finance any window replacement needs that you have. We recommend getting an estimate for window replacement(s) before contacting your preferred banking lender.

Homeowner’s Insurance

While policies generally don’t cover replacement needs due to the wear and deficiency of windows caused by age, some policies do cover damage caused by specific perils such as hail or vandalism. If your window-related issues appear to be caused by damage, it’s worth checking in with your policy provider and determining what is and isn’t covered.

Boulder Trim Company Replaces Windows

Unlike those door-to-door salespeople that often tell homeowners they need new windows because “Sally” down the street just had hers replaced, we can 1.) Genuinely and expertly assess your home’s needs and, 2.) Provide you with a variety of technical information on the window replacement process. Best of all, if you truly need any form of window replacement, we can get you squared away with the BEST window product for your home instead of selling you on a branded product we’ve been told to push.

As a Class A Colorado general contracting company with over 25 cumulative years of experience, we’ve installed and replaced countless windows in various home siding materials. From the initial assessment to the completed installation process, we tackle any questions or concerns you may have about the process. We install and replace windows in Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, Niwot, and surrounding areas.

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