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Determining ROI for Window Replacements 

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If you live in your home long enough, there will come a time when a few or all of your windows will need to be replaced. Weather, accidents, and age of materials all play into the deterioration of window construction, and it’s a matter of time before windows break or lose their weather and temperature barrier properties.

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Choosing quality windows and experienced installers may feel like a giant blow to the wallet, but window replacement projects are investments and have a return-on-investment (ROI) value when you go to sell your home. Aside from the immediate benefits that you’ll get once you replace windows, this home improvement projects adds value to your property.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Your Windows?

To estimate the cost of your window replacement project, you first need to determine the overall scope. The quantity of windows you will be installing and the quality of the product you choose will form the total project cost. Don’t forget that your total cost will include materials, labor, and overhead line items.

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The typical cost of replacing just one window ranges anywhere from $250 up to $1000. This price range includes the cost of installation. The inclusive cost depends on the type of window you are installing, the window frame material, the size of the window, and any extra features that are included.

Vinyl windows are usually the cheapest option and wood windows are usually the most expensive. Fiberglass and composite windows will fall in the middle or towards the higher end of that price range. Opting for triple-pane glass will be more expensive than double-pane and energy saving extras such as Low-E coatings will add even more cost.

HomeAdvisor estimates that a typical window replacement project costs anywhere from $2,951 to $9,331 with a national average of $6,088. This range includes labor and material costs that can vary drastically across the nation. There has been a material price increase of approximately 5-10% over the past year due to supply chain and manufacturing issues.

Calculating the ROI for Replacing Your Windows

Return-on-investment (ROI) measures the profitability of an investment. In regards to home improvement projects, ROI is the percentage of your project cost that you will receive back when you go to sell your home. The future buyer of your home will be willing to pay a certain dollar value more than the market value in order to receive the updated feature.

The actual return-on-investment for replacing your windows will vary from region to region and depend on a number of factors. For the average window replacement project, you will see about an 85 percent ROI. In other words, if your new windows cost $10,000 to install, you can expect to sell your home for about $8,500 more than the original value.

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Local Grants Can Subsidize the Cost

In many areas, local governments offer incentives to replace your windows with energy-efficient options. These types of subsidies and grants are a win-win for you and your community. By replacing your outdated windows with energy-efficient ones, you will reduce your energy consumption. This lowers the overall demand from your local energy grid and will reduce your energy bills.

Window Replacements Receive a Federal Tax Credit

Even if there are no local government incentives for you to replace your windows, the IRS determines exterior windows to be a qualified energy-efficient improvement that can be used for a residential property credit up to $500.

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