Baseboard, Molding, and Casing Install Services

What is Baseboard, Molding, and Casing?

These items refer to the functional trim pieces around flooring parameters (baseboard), decorative trim pieces along or across walls (molding), and the trim pieces around windows and doors (casing).

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Types of Materials

We typically install wood products (MDF, solid wood) when we install base & case. Most existing buildings use wood-products for their trim, but we also install vinyl products if desired or needed.

Base & Case Projects

New builds always need base & case services to 1.) Install baseboards and moldings along flooring and ceiling room parameters; 2.) Install window and door casings (before the windows and doors themselves are installed).

Remodeling jobs often require base & case services to install or replace baseboards, moldings, and casings due to style changes and damages due to water or physical force.

Common projects requiring base & case services include:

  • Custom Home Remodels
  • Kitchen & Bath Remodels
  • Home Office Remodels
  • Basement Finishes
  • New Builds (Rough Construction)

Not Sure What Service You Need?

If you are unsure what service your home or building project is needing, contact us with questions.